About us

MediPhysio was established to uphold the traditional values of physiotherapy, with a level of customer service and patient care unmatched within typical medical centres or physiotherapy clinics.

The ultimate goal of MediPhysio is to provide a service to our patients under a brand they come to know, trust and rely on – ensuring our primary values of customer service, patient experience and most importantly, evidence-based treatment practices are maintained across all of our locations.

We envisage MediPhysio becoming the premier brand for Private Practice Physiotherapy within medical centres Australia-wide. We establish sound business relationships with already-established or new Medical Centres, to uphold the reputation of Australian healthcare practices, while continuing our values of patient-focused treatment.

A common problem:

A common problem seen within allied healthcare is the lack of communication between the patient and the physiotherapist. Too often, the treating therapist does not provide a clear diagnosis or treatment plan for the patient, therefore leading to dissatisfaction.

This is why MediPhysio was established; to provide optimal health care with a customer service-focus. Located within medical centres, we encourage patient compliance with direct lines of communication between referring GP and the treatment provider, but also strong communication between the therapist and patient.

Patient education:

Arguably the primary point of difference to typical physiotherapy clinics is MediPhysio’s value on Patient Education. We firmly believe education is the most underestimated and under-used form of treatment.

A frequent issue when speaking to GPs, Specialists and other Allied Health professionals, is that the patient’s expectations do not meet that of the treating practitioner.

Furthermore, empowering a patient through a clear and accurate diagnosis, providing visually exciting educational tools to explain their diagnosis and giving them a clear and goal-driven treatment plan, are the ways MediPhysio ensures patient satisfaction.

Reoccurring feedback from patients indicates that the level of education we deliver far surpasses their expectation, driving their compliance, and ultimately MediPhysio’s success.

Customer Service:

MediPhysio acknowledges that physiotherapy treatment is a necessary component of a patient’s injury or illness rehabilitation, or ongoing care. What is often overlooked by typical physiotherapy clinics is the Customer Service aspect of our profession.

Positive patient experience is vital to establish rapport, a trusted relationship and active involvement in their own healthcare.  This is where MediPhysio excels; we not only treat the condition, injury or illness, we treat the patient. We understand that ALL  patients are unique, and as a result, tailor our communications to better suit their individual needs.

Our automated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems give clear key performance indicators for all our staff. MediPhysio’s learning platforms highlight Customer Service as an essential part of the healthcare experience, which correlates well with treatment success.  As such, we continue to search for new ways to improve our Customer Service, thus solidifying our already outstanding reputation .


T51, Mezzanine level, East Village Shopping Centre

2-4 Defries Avenue, Zetland NSW
02 7204 5704


Bondi Junction:

Westfield, suite 6015b, Level 6, 500 Oxford Street Bondi Junction, NSW
02 9188 5142



Shop 4, 21 Hunter Street, Hornsby NSW
02 9987 1007


Mona Vale:

18-20 Park St, Mona Vale NSW
02 8914 8080


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