Medipilates was created by our director with one thing in mind….effective FUNCTIONAL training. Medi because we are situated in medical centres, and Pilates as it is a derivative of pilates, but much better!
Medipilates focus on the following principles:


Functional training replicates  movement patters and exercises that directly improve the strength of the muscles involved. As an example, if you have a knee injury that is caused by a certain movement, then we train you to eventually perform that movement with a much reduced likelihood of re-injury.  The human body adapts well in this manner and is very effective in retraining movement disorders that lead to injury. We do a complete biomechanical review and history of your lifestyle to be able to decide which direction to take your program, therfore your program is always completely customised to you, and not just a generic program for the masses.

SAID (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands) principle:

The SAID principle is one of the most important principles in any strength/ endurance training program. It states that the human body given any stressor (exercise), will adapt very specifically to that stressor. For example if you want to have strong legs for a squatting movement, then you train squats and not something like leg press. But if you want strong legs with leg press, then you train that and not necessarily squats. Now that is a very basic way of looking at it, but the overall principle is vital for the correct exercise prescription for injury prevention and rehabilitation. At Mediphysio we have a very rich knowledge in this area due to our backgrounds in Personal Training and Exercise Physiology. Don’t be fooled by the people who say they have the knowledge as it takes many many years of refinement to get to the level of exercise prescription we administer.


We understand that your life is busy and you may not have the time to join a gym or do exercises everyday. The good news is, you don’t have to in order to get effects. We also profile you and your family life to make your program fit in with your lifestyle, not the other way around. This is a very important principle as you need to be doing your exercises in between your sessions to elicit a good effect, but if it is too difficult then you may not be able to fit them into your schedule. You are able to complete our programs at home, and through our software you will have videos of each exercise to take home as required. EASY!


Pilates is one of the largest trends within exercise therapy at present – particularly beneficial for patients suffering from lower back pain and other conditions requiring an improvement in dynamic stability.

MediPilates is our detailed, result-driven form of the Pilates movement. Such programs have been developed in conjunction with both the Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology fields, to provide a form of Pilates that can be performed from all stages of rehabilitation; acute to chronic patients.

MediPilates is based on the proven principles of Pilates, with a focus on improving muscle activation and motor patterns to improve a patient’s technique efficiency to minimise pain and increase function. MediPilates can be used as a preventative exercise form for patients looking to improve natural body movements, or as a treatment in conjunction with typical physiotherapy methods.

As MediPilates is prescribed by a trusted Allied Health Professional, we thoroughly profile the patients injury status and background to create a customised program to suit them.

Our specialised program was years in the making and we are very proud of it. Come in and discover the difference. Call us now or send a web enquiry below to ask any questions you may have.

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