Online Physiotherapy

What is Online Physiotherapy?

Online Physiotherapy is nothing new. It is a very effective way of consulting with your physiotherapist from wherever you are. Achieved by a simple video link provided by us. Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can consult with our therapists at a convenient time and in a convenient place. Whether you are unable to get to a clinic, ill, or just prefer the convenience then online physiotherapy is perfect for you. Watch the video below that will explain how online physiotherapy with Mediphysio works.


What can be achieved during an online consultation?

A virtual consultation with your treating physiotherapist can be just as beneficial as a face to face. Below, we’ve answered our patients frequently asked questions to help provide more information about how online consultations work.

1. Can my treating physiotherapist conduct a proper assessment during an online consult?

Yes. Our physiotherapists assess your presenting concern via two main types of assessment. One involves asking you questions relevant to diagnosing the cause of your issue, the other is a physical examination which may involve watching how you perform certain movements or tasks. Both techniques can be done via telehealth – much of the information we gain from asking you questions gives us a very good understanding of what is contributing to your issue. From there, we can formulate your diagnosis and treatment plan.

2. Can my physiotherapist provide proper treatment online?

Much of what physiotherapists provide in the way of treatment is advice and education, as well as a targeted rehabilitation/management program. This converts very well to an online setting. Hands-on or manual treatment with your physio is obviously not available, however there are many ways your therapist can teach you to self-treat to help provide symptom relief, as we always do during our face to face consultations.

3. Is my consultation and information discussed secure?

Yes. We use a platform called Zoom to provide virtual consultations. It is an encrypted, secure platform. You need to download the corresponding app, Zoom onto your smartphone or tablet. Your treating physiotherapist will provide you with a unique access code that you will use to set up your login. If you could please use the link emailed to you by your treating therapist and join the video meeting at least 5 minutes before your appointment start time (we will be with you shortly after). It is only you and your treating physiotherapist that have access to your account.

4. How do I download the Zoom app for my online appointment?

If you want to use your smartphone then open the link sent to you via email on your phone. If you haven’t already downloaded zoom then see the instructions below.

If you want to use your smartphone or ipad/tablet, please download the app called “ZOOM”. Click here for ANDROID Phone/ Tablet/ or here for APPLE iPhone/ iPad

If you want to use your computer you can do the same with these links. Click here for WINDOWS PC or here for APPLE MAC

5. How can I learn the exercises, or get the handouts required?

We will send you your individually prescribed exercises with pictures, videos and instructions, as well as educational handouts and any questionnaires required.

6. Do my online consultations qualify for a private health insurance or medicare rebate?

Several private health funds have agreed to provide benefits for individual (one on one) physiotherapy teleconsultations. Health funds will provide coverage for teleconsultations provided by physiotherapists from Tuesday 14 April 2020 subject to the conditions. Health fund members should check with their health fund to see if they will cover tele-physiotherapy consultations. Some funds may impose additional conditions

Medicare: Yes there are some MBS items for telehealth consultations.

When is online Physiotherapy a better option

– For convenience
– If you are ill
– If the clinic is too far to travel to
– If you are travelling/ overseas

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