Lumbar Disc Injury

What is a Lumbar Disc Injury?

Lumbar Disc Injuries can have different levels of severity.

  1. Prolapsed or “bulging” disc
  2. Herniated disc
  3. Sequestration of disc
  4. Degenerative disc

Each one of these lumbar disc issues describes the severity. For example, a bulging disc is when the outer wall of the lumbar disc is thinner and weaker, resulting in a bulge on the outer wall or (annulus). A herniation is when the contents have broken through the annulus and are spilling out. A degenerative disc is usually the result of the above two injuries or multiple injuries over time, and is basically arthritis of the disc or (wear and tear). A sequestration is when the herniated contents leak through the outer wall and separates from the disc itself.

How we may treat it.

Our lumber spine treatment is unique and will aim at getting you the quickest recovery, but also preventing further injury or pain.

  1. Diagnose the cause of the disc pain/ injury.
  2. Thoroughly educate you on what has happened and how to manage your pain
  3. Hands on treatment for symptom alleviation and movement restoration
  4. Stabilise the area with bracing if necessary
  5. Give a comprehensive home program to quickly reduce your pain
  6. Liaise with treating GP for medication if indicated
  7. Restore normal movement once the acute period is over
  8. Provide a comprehensive strengthening and stabilisation program for the surrounding musculature

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