Muscular Strain/ Tear

What is a Muscular Strain/ Tear?

A muscle strain, muscle pull or muscle tear suggests damage to the muscle and/or its connective tissue. Put simply a strain is probably easiest to categorise as a smaller tear. this is a common term used by people when then hurt a muscle. usually there is some tearing involved, whether it be a very small microscopic tear, or a bigger and much more painful complete tear of the muscle in question. most tears throughout the body have similar pain symptoms and also have quite similar recovery times and treatment methods.

How we may treat it.

The main aim of treating a tear is to ensure that the muscle length is preserved whilst the tear is healing. This will prevent re-tearing in the future which is common when left untreated.

  1. Diagnose the extent of muscular damage and the grade of strain or tear
  2. Massage and manual therapies are very important to align scar tissue and also to ensure muscle length is maintained
  3. Home program provided to continue the work done in the clinic and ensure the muscle recovery is optimised whilst away from the clinic
  4. Friction massage for scar tissue alignment and maximising elasticity
  5. Proper flexibility program delivered
  6. Strength testing to ensure progress is speedy
  7. Strength and endurance program provided to suit the patients needs and recovery
  8. Restore normal movement and function and return to sport/activity

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