Nerve Root Pain

What is Nerve Root Pain?

Nerve root pain is pain that originates from a cervical spine nerve root. All through our spine, nerve roots exit through foramina in the spine to travel into the limbs/extremities in order to control things like movement, pain response and sensation. When one of these nerve roots is compressed or aggravated, it can cause pain to radiate into your upper back and arms depending on the source. Nerve root pain is usually easily fixed, but in some cases may need more aggressive treatment.

How we may treat it.

  1. Diagnose the cause of the pain and which nerve root it originates from
  2. Carefully choose which methods of treatment will suit your pain and condition
  3. If the condition allows for it, we may perform some soft tissue work on your back and neck to loosen the area.
  4. Unlock the compression or aggravation to the nerve root
  5. Ensure full strength is maintained in the arm and if it is not, prescribe exercises to restore function to normal
  6. Monitor symptoms in order to ensure it does not return
  7. Prescribe exercises to prevent it happening again

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