Physio Assessment

You will undergo a thorough assessment that will take into consideration a combinations of things affecting your breathing and ability to successfully change it. Throughout this process, your physiotherapist will educate you so that your program is effective and will last. Below are some of the things we may assess,

  • Congestion severity score out of 10 or alternatively, Sinonasal outcome test which can be performed on ipad in clinic.
  • Examine standing posture-Anterior sway/ Sway back posture is linked to thoracic kyphosis and reduced rib cage expansion and diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Examine Sitting posture- Cervical/Thoracic/ Lumbar posture- Look for forward head position/thoracic kyphosis/ scoliosis/ poor static scapula positioning
  • Measure costochondral angle of rib cage-should be 90 degrees-less than 90 can affect lower rib expansion.
  • Breathing assessed in supine to check for things like paradoxical and apical breathing.



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