Postural Neck Pain

What is postural neck pain?

Postural neck pain is caused by a postural dysfunction (bad posture). Even if your posture seems to be good visually, there may be small corrections that need to be made in order to reduce the pressure on the neck. Just the slightest change in posture for the better can reduce stresses on the connecting muscles, soft tissue and spine, in order to reduce and eradicate acute and ongoing pain.

How we may treat it.

Our main aim is to improve your posture with realistic approaches. Postural correction is a completely underestimated art.

  1. Diagnose the cause of the postural dysfunction with postural assessment
  2. Map and record to compare improvements in posture with our therapy
  3. Through hands on therapy, massage, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques we work at restoring and regaining neck and upper back movement
  4. Prescribe an easy but effective exercise program in order to improve your posture daily
  5. Potentially use a specialised machine to take home with and attach to your back to improve posture


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