Sacroiliac Joint Pain

What is Sacroiliac Joint Pain?

The sacroiliac joint is the link between your spine and pelvis. It is what connects your upper body to your lower body, hence it is very important for the stability of your body. The joints are usually very strong but can become painful or somewhat unstable in the following populations

  1. Pregnant women (due to the hormone relaxin)
  2. Runners
  3. Gymnasts
  4. Sports or work involving jumping or hard landing

Sacroiliac Joint Pain can be a common source of low back pain and is often misdiagnosed. It is a complex presentation with referred pain that can travel around the hips and pelvis in varying ways.

How we may treat it.

treatment for SIJ pain needs to be targeted to the causality of pain. Our therapists have extensive experience in SIJ dysfunction and will customise the treatment accordingly.

  1. Diagnose it carefully so that it is not misdiagnosed as a lumbar spine issue
  2. Education to patient in order to avoid the aggravating activities and re-stabilise the joint
  3. Manual therapies targeted at pain relief
  4. Stabilise the area with bracing if necessary
  5. Give a comprehensive home program to reduce pain and also begin re-stabilising the SIJ
  6. Provide a return to sport/work program in order to prevent from recurring
  7. Follow up to ensure a quicker recovery

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