Your treatment will most likely consist of a combination of hands on treatment from your physiotherapist and a home exercise program.

Manual therapy (hands on therapy):

Your therapist may need to do some cranial and facial massage and manual techniques to encourage clearance and function of your sinuses. Our therapists use gloves and will always communicate with you to ensure you are comfortable and understanding of what to expect next. Treatment shouldn’t be painful but you may feel some pressure or mild discomfort in the sinus area. Rest assured that we will listen to any concerns you may have and we customise each treatment for each different patient/condition.

Home program:

Your home program will also be totally customised to suit your particular condition and symptoms. There are some standardised exercises/ techniques that you may be asked to perform, but these will also be customised to suit the patients needs. These exercises/ techniques are not meant to be difficult. We do ask that you are diligent with your program but we will help you along the way. We can provide you with our own in house developed videos to help you remember and perform your home program. We also make ourselves available to discuss your program if you have any questions in between sessions.


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