Wry Neck

What is wry neck?

Wry neck is characterised by a sudden onset of sharp neck and upper back pain with an associated limitation of neck movement. Normally you will feel pain and difficulty rotating your neck (one way may be worse than the other). It can be caused by spinal damage or stiffness, but usually occurs with a gradual onset after waking from a sleep in an awkward position. Wry neck can be caused by many factors which we will be able to diagnose and hone in on.

Neck Treatment Mediphysio

How we may treat it.

Our main aim is to restore normal range of motion whilst avoiding any exacerbation of symptoms.

  1. Diagnose the cause of the wry neck
  2. Centralise symptoms if they are in your arms and upper back
  3. Through hands on therapy, massage, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques we work at restoring and regaining neck and upper back movement
  4. Decreasing pain through restoring range of motion and targeted treatment
  5. Prescribing exercises to safely and quickly regain full range of motion

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